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Ana Chemikos

Anastasia Chemikos

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine

Lives & works in Toronto, Canada


“All of my life, I knew that I was destined to be a visual artist. It all started with sketches of horses at the age of two, where the ambition to become something more came to fruition."

An award-winning visual artist with over 35 years of professional, fine art experience. Anastasia ("Ana") Chemikos is inspired and derives her art from the soul -there is no method. Her work covers a wide spectrum of subject matter: floral still life, landscapes, animals, multicultural themes, icons, and other compositions depicting fantasy only found in our dreams.

You can find Ana's art in private collections across the globe.



2012 Humber College

1991 Ukrainian National Academy of the Arts

1985 College of Creative Arts


1991 - Rapid Art Gallery (Prague)

1993 - Art-Mares, National Art Museum (Kyiv)

1997 - UCAF, KUMF (Toronto)

1997 - Launch Pad Gallery (Toronto)

2000 - Ukrainian Canadian Archives (Edmonton)

2002 - Chase Exhibition Room (Halifax)

2002 - Open Water 77 (Toronto)

2003 - Open Water 78 (Toronto)

2003 - John B. Gallery (Toronto)

2009 - Sunflower Gallery (Toronto)

2016 - KUMF - Solo Art Show (Toronto)

1997 to Present (Annually) - Expressions in Art (Oakville)

2017 to Present (Annually) - Art Exhibition at the Grazhda (New York)


2003 - Curry's Art Store Award ("Spring is coming")

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